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"Courtney’s smooth vocals, paired with the relatable lyrics and the perfect mix of instrumentation, make the track a must-listen, and a definite contender to add to your playlists this Summer."

- Canadian Beats

"I am really enjoying her emotive vocal delivery that instantly draws the listener's attention to her relatable storytelling"

- Caesar Live N' Loud

"The strength of this title lies in its piano, in the delicacy and emotion it provides. Halfway between pop and classic, this title has elements that take it to the frontiers of cinema, where images of escape and dramaturgy will come without you having to force yourself."

- Direct Actu

"Soulfully smooth tune"

- Bongmines Entertainment


- Aesthetic Magazine


- U Musicians

Rotation from CBC, CKWR, CKCU, CKMS

JUNE 11, 2021

Delivering passionate indie-pop music through stripped lyrics and abstract sounds, Courtney Wolfe’s EP, New Moon, was produced by Sydney Johnson at Wonlife Music Group. Taking listeners on a journey through the beginning highs and the darkest lows of a relationship, this EP provides a balanced mix between upbeat indie-pop to soulful sounds. With the intention to release music built upon a storyline, Wolfe knew this was the perfect combination of tracks for New Moon. “I feel that now is the perfect time to release it as I am at peace with how things ended and am looking forward to a new beginning - or new moon,” Courtney added. She’s confident it will enable her to connect with listeners on a whole new level as they relate to the songwriting and stories of love, heartbreak and peace.

Beginning to sing from a young age, Courtney’s true connection with music unfolded when she discovered her love for the art of songwriting. As her musical skills developed, she made her debut in 2019 with the single, Missing Out. Praised for her alluring vocal tone, emotive songwriting and overall intimate atmosphere, her singles have reached new audiences and have garnered support by CBC, regular rotation on a number of radio stations and tremendous love from music blogs around the globe.




Release Date:

Mixed/Mastered by:

Recorded at:



Musical Contributions:

New Moon

Kitchener, ON


June 11, 2021

Sydney Johnson

Wonlife Music Group

Courtney Wolfe & Zachary de Lima - Burning Towns

Courtney Wolfe, Conrad Galecki & Noah Mirotta - Unmoved

All others lyrics by Courtney Wolfe and music written

by Sydney Johnson

Jaci Duguid

Zachary Delima - Burning Towns

1. Burning Towns (feat. Zachary de Lima) - 3:10

ISRC: QZHNA2129815

Produced: Sydney Johnson & Zachary de Lima

2. Make Me Forget - 2:43

ISRC: QZHNA2129816

Produced: Sydney Johnson

3. Unmoved - 3:23

ISRC: QZFZ62131188

Produced: Conrad Galecki & Noah Mirotta

4. Like A Lady - 3:35

ISRC: QZES62192895

Produced: Sydney Johnson

5. New Moon - 1:26

ISRC: QZHNA2129817

Produced: Sydney Johnson


Cortney Harkin | baselineMUSIC

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